We have a JV partnership with experienced men who have served with Special Forces and other elite units within the SANDF as well as elite units from around the world. All the officers are internationally trained to USA State Department qualifications.

Our partners have worked with blue chip clients such as international shipping companies & agencies, presidents, ambassadors, international businessmen, senior US Department of Defense generals and other officers, Judges from the Iraqi Judiciary, Chief Judge of Iraq, celebrities as well as other high net worth families & individuals.

We have a security model in place that aims to assist property investors/owners, developers, professionals, as well as security personnel in terms of:

• Risk Analysis & Disaster Management: This service allows for the protection of the property at hand, including being compliant with the law. It helps our clients focus on the risks that really matter for the investors, tenants/residents, property professionals and security personnel to be protected from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures. Accidents and ill health can ruin lives and affect business continuity with commercial, residential, retail or industrial property.

• Training: We also have the capability to train and assist the security personnel that are on any property. Training will be done under supervision of our instructors, who have worked with presidents, ambassadors, international businessmen & senior US Department of Defense generals amongst others. After successfully completing the course, a mentorship programme will commence to allow the security personnel to gain practical experience under the auspices of their instructors.