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Back & Front Opposite (Pty) LTD is a South African property holdings company with subsidiaries in:

Design & Build

Our focus is to integrate innovative solutions with our entrepreneurial spirit for a world-class approach, creating a superior customer experience for our clientele as part of our DNA.

A team of three (3) with extensive experience in the property industry, which includes:

A former property manager for an unlisted residential property fund (worth over $ 15 Million), for a period of 6 years. He also has an IT background that has seen him being involved in various projects with blue chip companies.
A property entrepreneur who has been involved in various commercial and residential property projects in South Africa, USA, Europe, UAE and select countries on the African continent.
An interior designer with over a decade’s experience in the industry, with a project management background and has worked for various blue chip companies.

After all we live in a complex world that is constantly changing and we seek to ensure that you as our client, receive real worth that continues well into the future.